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Today, computer sciences and technologies play an important role in promoting healthcare services around the world. Employing robots in surgeries, machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques in medical diagnosis, pervasive computing systems for any time, anywhere and high-quality medical care, and distributed systems (such as clouds) for processing huge volume of medical data are just a few examples of computer use in healthcare.

The 1st Conference on Healthcare computing Systems and Technologies (CHEST 2019) aims to bring together the collaboration between research groups in the area of computer science and medical healthcare. CHEST 2019 invites authors from both research areas to submit high-quality papers containing original work. The paper could present a new and practical application of computer techniques, methods, devices, and architectures for improving the quality of healthcare and reducing clinical risks.

Conference Topics

Data storage, processing, and communication in healthcare:
  • Body sensors and actuators
  • Integration of medical devices with e-health
  • Network infrastructures, architectures, and protocols for e-health
  • Delay tolerant, fault tolerant and reliable communication in hospital networking, body area networking, and cloud-integrated networking
  • Using mobile devices in the storage, update, and transmission of patient data
  • Security issues
  • Pervasive healthcare systems
  • Big data in healthcare
  • Parallel and distributed systems in healthcare
Artificial intelligence and Healthcare:
  • Data mining and medical patient records
  • User modeling and personalization
  • Computer-aided detection, hypothesis generation, and diagnosis
  • Sensor-based decision support systems
  • Smart homes and hospitals
  • Smart healthcare and big data
  • Continues and event-driven monitoring of patients
  • Activity recognition and fall detection
  • Staffing and resource management
  • Robotics in healthcare
  • Image processing in healthcare
Healthcare software and tools:
  • Software applications for mobile medical systems
  • Modeling and simulation in healthcare
  • Computer assisted learning in medical education
  • Emerging cloud-based services and applications including health clouds and grids
  • E-Health services and applications for physical and mental health
  • E-Health services and applications for sports and exercise
  • E-Health services and applications for public health
  • Aging and disability problems and intelligent care

Important dates

Full paper submission deadline
22 October 2018
22 November 2018
21 December 2018
Notification of paper acceptance
30 January 2019
Workshop proposal submission deadline
6 November 2018
22 November 2018
21 December 2018
Notification of workshops' proposal acceptance
5 January 2019
Registration closes
6 March 2018
Date of conference
17-18 April 2019
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